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Grandma's Kitchen Vape Juice

Grandma's Kitchen Vape Juice

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Discover your new favorite vape juice with Grandma's Kitchen Vape Juice, featuring a delectable blend of sweet and savory flavors.  Explore our impressive selection now!

Available in:

  • 100ml bottles
  • 3mg and 6mg 

Grandma's Kitchen Vape Juice Flavours:

  • Blackberry Toast - Buttery toast topped with blackberry jam!
  • Bunz - Cinnamon bun deliciousness! 
  • Milk & Honey - Sweet honey and milk combine to make a subtle yet delicious flavour!
  • Slam - Toasty graham cracker crumble
  • Vanilla Mocha Crisp - Vanilla and mocha puffed wheat treat! This one is a fan favourite!


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